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Welcome to the longest standing Midwifery practice in Johannesburg

About Preggy Mom and Babies Care

Welcome to our Midwifery and Women’s Health Care Clinic, where we are dedicated to providing exceptional care for women of all ages. Our clinic offers a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each woman, ensuring their health and well-being throughout their life journey.

Prenatal Care: Our experienced midwives are here to support you during your pregnancy. From routine check-ups to personalized care plans, we prioritize your health and the health of your growing baby. We offer comprehensive prenatal exams, ultrasounds, and educational resources to help you make informed decisions about your pregnancy and childbirth.

Natural Childbirth Options: Our clinic embraces the philosophy of natural childbirth, empowering women to trust their bodies and experience birth as a transformative and empowering event. Our skilled midwives provide expert guidance and support throughout the entire labor and delivery process, ensuring a safe and comfortable birth experience for both mother and baby.

Introducing Sister Salaminah Dikeledi Mhlanga

Your Trusted Registered Midwife

Meet Sister Salaminah Dikeledi Mhlanga, a highly experienced and passionate midwife with a dedication to natural birthing practices. With over 20 years of expertise in the field of midwifery, Sister Salaminah brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion to her private practice.

Sister Salaminah obtained her certification from the renowned Chris Hani Baragwanath Nursing Institution and has worked in various private and provincial hospitals as a midwife. In 2008, she established her private practice at Netcare LINKSfield/Linkwood Hospital, and in 2014, she expanded her services to include the Genesis Maternity Clinic in Saxonworld, where she continues to provide exceptional care to this day.

In addition to her hospital-based practice, Sister Salaminah is also the proud founder of Preggymom and Babes Care Home Birth Center, a midwife-led facility located in Fordsburg, Johannesburg, adjacent to Oriental Plaza.

Our Services

Vitals Check and Fetal Heartbeat Monitoring

We carefully monitor your vital signs and listen to the fetal heartbeat to ensure the well-being of both mother and baby.

Labour Guidance

We provide guidance and suggestions for the labor process, helping you prepare for a smooth and comfortable delivery.

Health Education

Our team offers comprehensive health education, including information on pregnancy danger signs, common minor disorders, and advice on healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

Emotional and Physical Support

We understand the emotional and physical challenges of pregnancy and provide the support you need throughout this journey.

1st Trimester Screening

Between 15 and 20 weeks of pregnancy, our doctors conduct scans and blood tests to assess the baby's risk of birth defects or genetic conditions like Down syndrome and neural tube defects.

Addressing Physical Symptoms

We discuss and provide guidance on managing physical symptoms such as morning sickness, fatigue, and anxiety that may arise during pregnancy.

Natural Birth Services: Expert Midwives for a Peaceful Home Birth Experience

At Preggy Mom and Babes Care, natural birth is our top priority. We are a team of highly qualified midwives dedicated to providing exceptional care for women throughout their pregnancy, labor, and birth in a peaceful home environment. Our comprehensive range of maternity services is designed to cater to low-risk pregnancies, offering emotional and physical support during this special time.

Holistic and Memorable Home Birth Experience: Natural Birth Services for a Safe and Supportive Journey

At our center, we strive to create a holistic and memorable home environment that supports women throughout their entire journey, from pregnancy to labor, birth, and postnatal care. Our approach focuses on non-complicated labor with minimal interventions, promoting natural birth as the preferred option. We reserve caesarean sections solely for life-threatening complications that may arise during the labor process.

Respecting Your Choices and Collaborative Care: Comprehensive Maternity Services with Inclusive Decision-Making

At our center, we prioritize your well-being and safety. In the event of possible complications, we ensure that you receive the highest level of care by referring you to doctors in the hospital. We deeply respect your choices and beliefs throughout your journey, and you are actively involved in the decision-making process regarding your care. Additionally, you can rely on us for regular visits at various stages of your pregnancy, including appointments at 16, 24, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, and 41 weeks.



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